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    Hall of Fame section. 

    We are happy to announce the class of 2020. Due to uncertainty with COVID-related issues, we are planning a recognition ceremony for the Fall of 2021.  We will formally induct the Class of 2020 along with a new Class selected in 2021.  

    Class of 2020

    • Jan Hanson - Athlete (1976)
    • Vicki Bahr - Athlete (1986)
    • Jay Fogelson - Athlete (2001)
    • Lisa (Hoegh) Lunning - Athlete (2005)
    • John Austinson - Coach
    • 2000 BHS Football - Team 

    Hall of Fame Members and Inductees

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    • Class of 2019  
      Stephanie (Hemmingson) Harberts, Kerry Linbo, Ann (Von Arx) Nelson, Matthew Storlie

    • Class of 2018  
      Jane Krier, Adam Linbo,Michael R. Lutz, Julia (Frie) Schlekeway

    • Class of 2017
      Cathy Borgschatz, Tom Holets, Owen Hoegh, Edward Voll

    • Class of 2016 
      Tina Cordes, James Kern, Jesse Reed, Jim and Eileen Caulfield

    • Class of 2015 
      Ronald Albright, Brian Hansen,Tresa (Fuchs) Martinez, David Yennie

    • Class of 2014
      Pete Gilman, Brian Glassmaker, Jeanne Harris, B. Robert Schmalzbauer
    • Class of 2013
      Dan Alsbury, Steve Farrell, Neil Woessner, Jane Coe

    • Class of 2012 
      Dave L. Anderson, Robert (Bob) Brown, Teresa Brown (Fitzgerald), Chuck Rath, Ruth Hanson

    • Class of 2011
      Laurie Anderson, Pat Derby, Ryan Kelly, Karla Resch (Stromme), Duane Swanson, Jim Woodfork

    • Class of 2010
      Anna Alzamora (Harris), Alton Cordes, Billy Glassmaker Jr., John Grande,  Robert Kelly, Dick & Helen Thompson, Bob Tweten

    • Class of 2009 
      Chuck Ramthun, Mike Cabaya, Colin Harris, Martha Brennan (Harris), Jeff Voll, Herb Opfer, Gordy Vail, Bill Glassmaker Sr.