• Byron Pathways

  • The Byron Pathways are a sequence of courses within a career field designed to help students prepare for a specific career area while meeting the mandatory requirements for high school graduation. Pathways provide students, and their families, with a plan to connect coursework in high school with college and/or career opportunities after graduation. We have organized our pathways and courses in four career fields:

  •  Art and Communication Pathway Logo

    Arts Communication and Information Systems

    In today’s world, we communicate in countless ways and how we communicate continues to change. This career field explores careers and experiences in visual and performing arts, journalism and broadcasting and information technology systems that help connect people and organizations in a variety of ways.

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  •  Business and Entrepreneurship Logo

    Business Management and Entrepreneurship

    This career field helps students explore careers and provide authentic learning experiences in planning, organizing, directing and evaluating functions essential to running an efficient and productive business. Pathways include business management and administration, agriculture business, hospitality, and marketing.

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  •  Health Pathway Logo

    Health and Human Services

    The Health and Human Services Career field exposes students to careers and experiences that support and improve the safety and well-being based on the needs of individuals, families and communities. Pathways include education and training, government & public administration, health science, and human services & public safety.

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  •  Technology engineering and manufacturing logo

    Technology Engineering and Manufacturing

    The Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing field exposes students to careers and experiences that develop tools and or integrate machinery to put in place effective manufacturing processes. Architecture and construction may work on drafting and design, work on buildings, and or project management. Natural Resources work may include careers related to recreation, wildlife and or conservation. Pathways include Architecture & Construction, Manufacturing, Engineering and Natural Resources.

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