Optional Writing Test:

    Because not all colleges require a writing test for admission, ACT offers you the choice of whether or not you want to spend the extra time and money taking the writing test.  Writing is an important skill for college and work, but schools use different methods to measure your writing skills.  Check the website of your college choice for their specific Optional Writing Test requirements.

    ACT Test Prep Resources:

    1. Byron School District offers all juniors and seniors the opportunity to participate in a program called On To College. Links have been shared with all students. Juniors complete some of the OTC prep during advisory and can do a lot more at home.  Login should be your school email address.  Password should be Bears followed by your graduation year example: Bears2023
    2. Free practice tests and study material available on MCIS . Students must use their own log-in to access the practice tests. If they do not have an account, log in as user: byronhs Password: bears and click on Create My MCIS to make an account.
    3. Free App: ACT UP. Test Prep from ACT.
    4. Khan Academy free test prep site. Khan Academy
    5. The Sophia site below has ACT prep material for all 5 subject areas of the ACT. The math part has 3 practice tests and has 8 videos reviewing the main content of the math section of the ACT. The other subject areas are set up similarly with practice tests and videos. sophia.org: Preparing For ACT
    6. Electronic Library of Minnesota which offers databases of information for students across the state has a Test Prep subscription. For ACT, AP classes etc. To access it follow this link under the High school tab it is about half way down called the LearningExpress Library
    7. A resource for improving ACT scores (ignore the ads) How to Improve ACT Test Scores

    SAT Test Preparation:

    Khan Academy is offering preparation opportunities for the SAT testing to students at no cost. Students must set up an account. Students can also access practice tests under the MCIS site noted above. satpractice.org

Frequently Asked Questions

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