• Early Childhood Special Education

    About the program
    All children develop differently, but some children need assistance in becoming the best they can be. Children, birth through six years, who have developmental delays or medical needs may qualify for services. Evaluations may be conducted in the following areas: Thinking, Communication, Self-help, Physical, Vision, Hearing, and Social/Behavioral. There are a variety of supports and services available to assist parents in meeting their child's special needs. All parents want the best for their children. Early intervention might make all the difference in your child's future.

    • Byron's Birth to age 3 early intervention program is provided by the Zumbro Education District (ZED).
    • As a child turns 3, an evaluation is completed by ZED to determine continuing need.
    • Byron students age 3 - pre-Kindergarten, Early Childhood Special Education, program is provided within the school district.
  • Byron Early Chlldhood Program

  • Checklist for Growing Children

Contact Information

  • If you have questions or concerns in regards to your child's development, please call:

    Birth to age 3:

    • Zumbro Education District - 507.775.2037


    Age 3 and Older:

    • Marie Foster, Special Education Director - 507.624.0355