• The Advisory Council should represent the community of Byron.    Ideally, this would include various service organizations, churches, Byron School employees, local government, nonprofit agencies serving youth and families, parents, youth, park and recreation staff as well as other groups that may be impacted through Community Education services.


    Please contact our offices for more information regarding joining the Byron Community Education Advisory Council.  We can be reached at 507-775-2336.


    Current Membership

    • Jan Reed, Byron School Board Member
    • Jane Cabaya, Byron Citizen
    • Jeff Wytaske, Byron Parent and Project Kids Coordinator
    • Naomi Schuster, Byron Preschool Coordinator
    • Sue Underdahl, Early Childhood and Family Education Parent Educator
    • Lynne Drumm, Byron Community Education Administrative Assistant
    • Kim Amundson, Byron Parent
    • Jennifer Dole, Byron Community Education Director