•  Welcome to Byron Intermediate School

  • Byron Intermediate School is a learning community that supports the development of the whole child throughout their 3rd through 5th-grade years. We prioritize rigorous levels of learning that equip students to persevere, work together, evaluate information, communicate effectively, be curious, and serve others all while supporting their social-emotional well-being. It is our sincere desire to create a learning environment where students feel welcomed, cared for and respected so that they can reach their learning potential as we partner with parents and our community.

    Through our implementation of a standards-based grading framework, we have aligned clear learning targets at each grade level so that our instruction, feedback and assessment more accurately measure where a student’s learning is in relation to where we want their learning to be. Learning is no longer about accumulating points to achieve a grade but rather leveraging student’s ability to understand a concept and apply it in their everyday lives.

  • Abe Rodemeyer, BIS Principal

    Mr. Abe Rodemeyer
    (507) 775-6620 ext. 1403


    Administrative Assistant
    Mrs. Melissa Harmening
    (507) 775-6620 ext. 1402

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