• Mandated Reporting

  • Rules

    State law requires that all individuals involved in the care, treatment, or education of a child are classified as mandated reporters. Mandated reporters include doctors, nurses, teachers, and any individual who is employed in a role that cares for children.

    What must be reported?

    • Any suspicion that a child may have been, or is being abused, or neglected physically, emotionally, or sexually.

    Who does a mandated reporter report to?

    • The mandated reporter must report suspicions to the County Child Protective Services office, within which the suspected abuse, or neglect took place.
    • The mandated reporter should submit in writing the fact that they have made a report to County Child Protective Services to their supervisor or principal.

    What happens to the information that is reported?

    • All information is kept private and confidential from the suspected victim, as well as the suspected perpetrator.
    • County Child Protective Services personnel are required to provide written notification about the disposition of the report.
    • Mandated reporters have the right to request information about the disposition of the report.

    Are mandated reporters protected from lawsuits?

    • Mandated reporters are protected from lawsuits unless it can be proven that the report was filed with malicious intent.

    How do I use the Suspected Abuse/Neglect Report Form?

    • The Suspected Abuse/Neglect Report Form is the appropriate document to fulfill responsibilities as a mandated reporter.
    • After completing the form, the mandated reporter can use it as an outline while making a phone call to Olmsted County Social Services. That phone call must take place within 24 hours of receiving information leading to suspicion.
    • The mandated reporter MUST also file a written report within 72 hours, exclusive of weekends and holidays, of your verbal report. Fax the Suspected Abuse/Neglect Report Form to Olmsted County Social Services.
    • To complete mandatory reporting obligations give a copy of the Suspected Abuse/Neglect Report Form to your building principal.


    Intake unit of Olmsted County Social Services

    Phone Number: 507-328-6400

    Fax Number: 507-328-6395

    *Put fax to the attention of whomever you spoke with during intake phone call